Recent News: Cthulhu Fluxx, PAX and Podcasts!

I’ve been quite busy catching up with work and settling into Portland, but I wanted to give a quick update on things that have been going on!


My latest card game, Cthulhu Fluxx, comes out on August 17th.

- In developing the game, I tried to make the Mythos connection actually relevant and more than just a new hat. Andy Looney and I discuss the design in this video.

- I’ll be demoing it at Guardian Games in Portland on Saturday, August 18th from 1-3 PM.

- Here’s a few reviews: Father Geek and Blogcritics. Personally, I was happy to hear “Have an open mind, haters. For the first time, I enjoyed myself with the game and was more than happy to play again, and then again, and then again. Usually, I would just walk away from the table when a Fluxx game was going to be played, but now I was the one asking for players.”

Speaking of Lovecraftian card games, the first expansion for Cthulhu Gloom has been announced: Unpleasant Dreams. As the name suggests, it delves into the Dreamlands, with a few dreams in the Witch-House thrown in for good measure.


While I’m not going to be at Gen Con this year, I will be at PAX Prime. I’m going to be on four panels this year; click the links for full descriptions.

Eberron and Beyond – Tabletop, Friday 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Loving The Alien – Tabletop, Friday 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Setting The Mood – Tabletop, Saturday 4:00 – 5:00 PM

It Only Hurts When I Laugh – Unicorn Theater, Sunday 4:30 – 5:30 PM

I’ll also be doing some demos of Cthulhu Fluxx in the gaming area. Beyond that, I generally like to pick some time to hang out for a few hours in a public space to talk with people about games, fiction, pasta, or whatever else seems interesting at the time. If you’re interested in that, the best bet is probably to follow me on Twitter (@HellcowKeith), since location and time may be fairly spontaneous.


I’ve been featured on a few podcasts over the last few weeks.

* Fear The Boot just posted our interview from SDCC 2012, featuring discussion of Eberron, Gloom, and Cthulhu Fluxx.

* Master Plan dug up an interview we did in 2009, discussing world creation. While it’s a few years old, it’s still accurate!

I also have a new article up on, dealing with politically-themed campaigns.

That’s all for now – check in tomorrow for the next Eberron lightning round! And if you have questions, ask here – though this will be a lightning round, so the narrower the focus, the better!

11 Responses to “Recent News: Cthulhu Fluxx, PAX and Podcasts!”

  1. Father Geek says:

    Mr. Baker,

    You did an excellent job with the game. Well done and thank you SO MUCH for creating a Fluxx experience that makes sense!

    Cyrus Kirby
    Editor in Chief

  2. Chris Handforth says:

    Culled from my various other posts of questions. As always, if these are too broad, I apologize, I know I suck at being really specific. 

    -Besides a certain royal prince who’s throne has been ursurped by his vampiric Great-Grandfather, who are some potential identites behind the mask of Prisoner Deep Fourteen?

    -Suppose you have a player who, for whatever reason, wants part of his PC’s story arc to be romancing a noble. Who would be your best/favourite NPC noble for this role?

    -For a question inspired by reading too much Game of Thrones, how do the Nobles in the various Thronehold nations deal with Bastards? What about children born of commoners and nobles? Do different nations treat them differently? 

  3. jalapeno_dude says:

    Asked this on G+ a while back…

    Did the ancient goblins/giants/dragons have artificers? If not, why not? If so, what are some examples of ancient artifice, as opposed to just ancient magic in general?

  4. Keith Baker says:

    Thanks for the effort you put into the review, Cyrus! I’ll certainly be following in the future.

  5. Keith Baker says:

    Weird, Jalapeno_Dude – I’d swear I’ve answered that question before. I guess I’ll answer it again!

  6. Nicolas Carrillo (paladinnicolas) says:

    Hi Keith, I’m glad you can write about Eberron again. I would like to ask you what some of the inspirations for Eberron places or organizations are (e.g. are Valenar somehow inspired in Persians or arabic cultures as some think?, is Xen’drik loosely based on Africa and Latin America during colonial times?). On the other hand, I have always wondered if Eberron draws some inspiration from other Campaign settings, e.g. are dragonmarks inspired on Birthright’s bloodlines and marks on scions? Lastly, is it true that you are the traveler? (just kidding)

  7. Aelth says:

    Have you ever ran an adventure in Everice or Frostfell? What sort of things might be found there? I can only think of Daelkyr/Quori ruins greatly inspired by At the Mountains of Madness, though I wonder what ideas flow through your head.

    On a completely unrelated note, how exactly does a Rajah like Yad-Raghesh die? I would think it would be associated with the weakness/destruction of the concepts they embody, which raises the question of what the Fallen Rajah represents.
    I like the idea that Yad-Raghesh actually represents suicide, given the circumstances of his demise.

  8. Nicolas Carrillo (paladinnicolas) says:

    What is the position of the Church of the Silver Flame in the Eldeen Reaches? Given lycanthropic presence, are there missionaries (friars…) tolerated there or attempting to convert persons there in covert operations?

  9. Newb says:

    I’ve also often wondered about the inspiration for many of the concepts used in Eberron, particularly Riedra, the Dreaming Dark and the Quori, Aerenal and the Undying, the Blood of Vol, the Daelkyr and the Khyber Cults.

    And how does one accommodate the vast timelines of Eberron in a world which functions according to natural laws? I mean, realistically, the ruined cities of the giants should just be mounds of rubble after so many millennia.

  10. Keith Baker says:

    I’ll get the the unanswered questions next time around, Newb and Nicolas.

    Regarding your question, Newb, I think the timeline is perhaps a little TOO vast. However, with that said, when you’re dealing with something like Xen’drik in particular, it is very specifically a region of the world that DOES NOT function according to natural law. The Curse of the Traveler warps time and space. Beyond that, the civilizations of the giants were far more advanced than our civilization today (even if they used magic instead of technology). Their greatest cities were imbued with magic in many different ways, which could make them far more durable than the ruins of far younger human civilizations. Hence you might find a Daskaran ghost town in Khorvaire which is little more than sticks and rubble – while the Sulat citadel looks like it’s only been abandoned minutes ago.

  11. Kowalski says:

    Hi Keith!
    Eberron has become by far my fav d&d setting, surpacing my love of DL and even Planescape.
    I’m curious to know how the setting’s newspaper are made. Do they have printing presses (magic ones, powered by syberis shaeds attuned to the mark of scribing?)
    Another question: It seemd to me that unlike other worlds, Eberron doesn’t give much attentiom to different humans ethnies, somethin like a standard Karnathi looks or brelish ones? For me, I’m cool with this way, but the question has poped up in my tables from time to time and I’d like to hear your thoughts about it.
    Keep the good job, your brazilian fans up here really enjoy your work. Cheers

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