HDWT: San Diego Comic Con

I’ve got a lot of interesting projects going on right now. Cthulhu Fluxx comes out later this year, and an expansion for Cthulhu Gloom is in the works. The Doom That Came To Atlantic City was funded on Kickstarter. And I have a big RPG/fiction project brewing that I’ll be announcing later in the year. After some consideration, I’ve decided that I’d like to go to San Diego Comic Con and get a chance to play some of these games with people and talk about the projects I have in the works. Thanks to friends, I have a way to get into the convention. What I don’t have is a place to sleep. So I’m looking for someone who has a sofa, floor, or other sleeping surface that they’re willing to let me use. By way of exchange, I can run a D&D or Over The Edge game for you; give you an advance copy of Cthulhu Fluxx; answer any questions you might have about Eberron or other things I’ve worked on; and sign anything other than pets or body parts.

If this sounds interesting to you, drop me an email at onesmallkeith (at) gmail.com. Tell me who you are, what the sleeping conditions would be, and what you’d like to get out of the arrangement! And if you’re going but don’t have a place to stay, feel free to email me and tell me that. Gloat about it. I’d definitely like to have some sort of informal get-together some time during the convention to play games and talk, and if you’d like to know where or when that’ll be happening, let me know! I hope to see you there.

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    If you need accommodation for GENCON, I can oblige, but sadly, not for San Diego.

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