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The last few months have been a busy time, but you can expect to see much more activity here on HDWT in the months ahead. I just returned from running a celebrity D&D event in Los Angeles, and I’m going to talk about that… but first, a few links you might find interesting.

Eye On Eberron: Vadallia and Cardaen

The lives of the Tairnadal elves are shaped by the heroic deeds of their ancestors. But just who were those heroes? This month’s Eye on Eberron examines the legend of two of these fallen champions, including the patron of High King Shaeras Vadallia!

Character Theme: The Sentinel Marshal

The Sentinel Marshals are the pride of House Deneith, deputized to enforce the law across the length of Eberron itself. Jeff LaSala (author of The Darkwood Mask) gives you everything you need to play a Sentinel Marshal in your campaign!

LA Weekly: Celebrity D&D at Meltdown Comics!

Want to know what I was up to this weekend? Here’s the report.

New Eberron Adventure PDF: Dolurrh’s Dawn

If you make a $5 donation to children’s literacy charity Reach Out And Read, you can get a copy of the adventure I wrote and ran at the Meltdown event. Set in Eberron, this uses pregenerated characters and a variant D&D system incorporating elements of third and fourth editions. Bear in mind that this is not intended to be a commercial product; it is the raw adventure as presented to the DMs at the Meltdown Event. I’ll be posting some designer’s notes based on my experience running it next week. However, the adventure is only available until Friday, February 3rd! If you want a copy, act now!

What’s Happening with Eberron and D&D Next?

As more news comes out about the next edition of D&D, I’ve had a lot of people ask me if there are any plans for Eberron. The answer is that I don’t know. I’m just a freelancer, and I don’t know what WotC’s long term plans are. I am slated to keep writing Eye on Eberron articles through the end of 2012, and I consider that a promising sign… especially since the lore-heavy nature of the articles means that they are valid regardless of what system you are using.

As for DDN itself, I have recently received my own playtest materials. I haven’t had a chance to play yet, but I like it so far and I’m definitely looking forward to getting a campaign going!

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  1. Rolf says:

    Tried buying the adventure, but it won’t accept my credit card number.

  2. Rolf says:

    Never mind; worked on the second attempt.

  3. benensky says:

    Thanks for the Eberron update. Hope it is still supported in DnD Next.

    I downloaded the adventure. Heck, Eberron adventure by Keith Baker for $5 and it goes to a charity. That was a no brainer.

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