It’s been a busy few months. Since my last post I’ve gotten married, moved to Austin, and been working at a new job. Together, these have conspired to dramatically constrain my free time, which has meant that I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like. Hopefully that will change soon. For now, I wanted to make a quick announcement about an upcoming project I’m involved in. Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero is the product of a group of artists, musicians, and writers – a music CD paired with a shared-world anthology of cyberpunk fiction inspired by the music. Contributors include my fellow Eberron authors Jeff LaSala, Don Basingthwaite, and Ari Marmell, along with a few up and comers like young Ed Greenwood. The book doesn’t come out until February, but there’s a special promotion: Order by Friday, December 16 and you get an advance download of 3 stories and three music tracks, including a story by yours truly!

Check it out HERE!

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